Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The 12 Best Games on the 3DS

So you want to go hunting monsters, do you? Stand toe to toe with a leviathan, kill it, and wear its face for a hat? Well, your game is here. Grab some friends (or a friendly cat), chow down on some delicious food, suit up, and go do something reckless. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate takes the series’ tried-and-true formula and improves on it in several welcome ways. Get past the initial learning curve, and it’ll become a minor obsession.

A Good Match For: Those looking for a demanding, rewarding action game; people with a few friends to play with; anyone who ever wanted to adventure alongside a talking cat.

Not a Good Match For: Those who’d rather play something simple—MH4U is the most welcoming game in the series, but it’s still loaded with complicated menus and dense terminology, especially at first.